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At Coupon Code Alerts we are committed to bringing you all the very latest in coupon codes, discounts, special offers, great deals and anything that can quickly and easily save you money. We have a dedicated team of deal hunters that endlessly search the web for the very best in retailer discount codes. They are committed and passionate about publishing all the savings they come across, because each different deal is going to useful for somebody.

Along with a dedicated team of coupon code hunters, we also have some clever technology that crawls the web for other deals that our visitors will likely be interested in. This technology isn't very complex but it does deliver the discount goodness! We are constantly tweaking and improving this to bring you more in online and offline coupons and exclusive deals.

Our core belief is to bring you as many discount codes, coupons and deals as possible and let you decide which one is best for you. The more deals and codes, the more chance you can save. We'll put the most widely attractive discounts at the top to make this a little easier for you.

If we can't deliver then we'll offer up a competitor, because our main aim is to get you the money saving discount you visited our site for. If we do we'll learn from this and improve in the future.

Thank you for using our website.

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